It’s been quite a while I have not written a post on the basis of daily prompts proposed by WordPress team. To be frank, it is a real pleasure to update this blog with an English post. In addition to practicing my English, this will also enable my foreign followers to read the post without using any translation tool.

Only yesterday did Michelle W. challenge bloggers to write about the word blur and I’m but prompted to accept it since my youngest son was hospitalized due to unknown sickness.


Some of you may have been aware that I’ve decided to return to my hometown in order to live in the vicinity of my mom. She is currently living with my sister and her husband. Every time we go home during Lebaran Day, Mom would always insist we move to live nearby. After a series of argument, my wife and I finally agreed to do what she wishes.

Back in Bogor where we have lived for eleven years, we were producing wingko to make money. It’s a traditional cake made of glutinous rice and coconut. It’s supposed to be an emerging business. Now that we have left Bogor, we have to quit the business as it’s no longer potential to continue the similar product here in my hometown. Other than wingko is prevalent, tourism is not as bright as in Bogor.

I have always pictured everything will be much easier as soon as I’ve moved. God will pave our way, that’s what we believe as we are moving to get closer to my mom. She’s totally happy with our decision and we are hoping God is blessing our path.

Yesterday we had to take our son to the hospital due to high fever. The doctor suggested he be hospitalized to have proper care during his illness. Now that it’s still unclear to find out what he’s suffering from, the bill has appeared to be quite substantial. I soon realized we’ll have to give up what we’ve planned of buying stuff in order that my son’s treatment bill be covered.

I’m tempted to think I have a blurred vision right now. I feel like saying, “God, I’ve done what we’re requested of, to be close to my mom, but how on earth should we encounter this calamity?”

I’ve believed things will be great, unlike this trial we’ve already encountered last year. Or perhaps I should question my real intention of moving out: to serve my mom cordially or to seek only comfort owing to pleasing her?

Okay, my vision is blurred, my mind should not be lured.


  1. Aku ogah comment in English, hihihi. Intinya, semoga apapun yang sedang dihadapi dapat dilalui dengan baik, segala cobaan dapat diatasi dengan gagah, biar kembali fokus meraih cita-cita. Kalo nge-blur kan dilihat nggak sedep. Hehehe.


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