Heading for Harmony


Promise me that you shall grow
In every step of truth
Emulating a bird that flies with no sorrow
Rendering power of its own fate, and
Rain has not come to back you off
Essentially you are what you need to be

Even in calamity and silent agony, oh
Maintain patience and faith
Merely God touches you in His path
Alike others that do embrace
Never do you need be doubtful
Unity will be yours, will be yours
Everywhere you go spreading seeds of peace
Light will be with you as He promises

So long, so long you’ve waited
Creeping up for a maiden’s smile
Hope you know and then read
Everything that you expect to meet
It is today when you write your history
Defining where you head for a harmony.

image source: http://www.taragon.net
P.S. This poem is specially presented for a Belgian man who was married to a friend of mine several years ago in Semarang. This very poem was once recited before him right on his birthday. (Surely before we enjoyed the tasty ‘jagung bakar’ in that cold night :p

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