Indosat is Not Just A Friend; It’s A Soulmate!

Do you ever guess what a complete agony is? It is when we are jammed in a terribly slow internet connection whereas a tight deadline is approaching. Nothing could be more horrible than browsing the Web and then being stuck in the middle of nowhere due to an unreliable network. My very experience confirms this.

A new notebook and IM2
At the beginning of 2009, I resigned from my job and decided to be both an editor and translator on a freelance basis. I have been a permanent freelancer ever since. Working at home for several employers without meeting them face-to-face required me to have trustworthy internet broadband that provides me with powerful service any time I need. 2009 was a truly memorable year for me since it was the time I bought my first notebook :).

After getting a modem, I promptly purchased an IM2 card to be my ticket to accessing the Internet. Despite living in a rural area, I found the connection quite fair and enjoyable. The quota offered in the package really helped me deal with every task of mine. I could browse the Web whenever I needed to look for particular information on what I was editing or translating. A good Internet connection, coupled with powerful signal, was of great benefit to me upon submitting my job on time and checking the materials I am working on for their accuracy and credibility without lags or delays.

No more tortures!

Once Indosat M2 was inserted into my modem, I had no worry about traveling anywhere since I would always be ready for work as well as keeping in touch with employers or even breaching borders in order to grab more opportunities. With Indosat M2 on hand, mobility is not a serious issue for my job. I no longer had to be tortured by agonizing moments where sluggish connection suddenly dropped and smashed my heart as well as my concentration. IM2 just came in very handy and I simply loved it!

Although I was once using IM3 during my college years back there in Semarang, I had not been a loyal customer to Indosat until I was captivated by IM2. The joy of using IM2 has attracted me to return to what I have left: IM3! But this time my position shifted from being a mere user to a fanatic customer. My brother and my sister happened to be IM3 users and this induced me to use IM3 even more convincingly so that we can communicate freely at relatively low-cost charge without restraint despite distance that separates us apart. How fascinating!

Old love that blossoms
Therefore, as soon as I had a smartphone early in 2010, IM3 had always been there to take me to surf the Net satisfactorily. Because Indosat had not provided an unlimited package that time, I was normally using a daily or weekly data plan to support my job and activities. I could literally have greater mobility with IM3 on my handset. The extensive coverage of Indosat has given me no reasons to worry about blank spots or pathetic signal.

With Indosat Super 3G+, surfing the Web will now be a totally tremendous experience. By spending only 50,000 rupiahs, I can enjoy a valuable quota package of 1.2 GB and another 1.5 GB as a bonus that goes active for the whole month altogether. Can you imagine what I can do with 2.7 GB? This will mean lots of browsing, scores of downloading and uploading, and what’s more important, going online almost every time. There are no more agonies of being disconnected and dismissed from an important chat with my client because Indosat supports me with Super 3G+ that speeds up to 7.2 Mbps.

Since I don’t a have a Blackberry handset (which means I can’t send message via BBM), the availability of Internet connection is my prime ‘weapon’ to do business other than regular texting (sms). I depend a lot on chatting on Facebook and email as well. That is how I communicate with my clients abroad. A disturbance during a chat, like a dropping connection, is likely to ruin my client’s trust in my commitment to the job I take. Well, another experience of mine will finally highlight this.

When duty calls, Indosat answers

On December 9, 2012 my family and I—along with some other friends—joined a mass Gangnam Style dance with one of Indonesia’s ministers. The cheering crowd was so engrossed in the activity that my 3-year son too was tempted to follow every move. I wanted to do the same but had to cancel it as my phone beeped. There was an incoming email. I hurriedly opened and read it. Olalla, it was my client from Malaysia demanding a chat immediately to discuss my translation of his lyrics. I have sent the first draft to him and this chat will be a follow-up to the draft.

After telling my wife that I needed to leave, I rushed to the parking lot and rode my motorbike to PGB (Pusat Grosir Bogor). Have I been nuts? Nope, for I was not going to shop anyway! I was heading that way because Indosat Super Wi-Fi is available in that wholesaling center. I have tried it once and would love to enjoy it again this time. With an Android phone, I could easily connect to the Wi-Fi and had a nice chat without any lags or troubles. It is normal that during the chat my client would send me a link that leads to Youtube. The link directs me to a song I must listen to for a better understanding of a singer who is expected to sing his lyrics.

Contentment and extra pay-off

I did experience super speed while listening to the song—thanks to the unlimited internet service via the super Wi-Fi network that runs to the maximum speed of 20 Mbps. My client was impressed with the chat that went really well. In the previous two chats, I was still using a product of another provider that claims to perform as fast as flash. The fact is that I finally end up frustrated at the service since it is undoubtedly at a snail’s pace. With Indosat M2 again, I could gain my confidence in browsing the Web.

And the jackpot is: my client was so pleased with the chat (as well as with my translation) that he agreed to pay me for the next lyrics I have not yet translated. Isn’t that wonderful? It certainly is. This is owing to the wide range of Indosat service that spoils its customers to make their life easier, to get their business done, to pave their way for better chances, and to cope with challenges in the future.

So now you know what a real bliss is? It is when I surf the Net at relatively high speed and being paid for something I have not even started doing. Once you have Indosat service on your gadgets, you should never be worried about going mobile when job unexpectedly calls—like what I encountered. In fact, your job will be much easier with the support of Indosat. Because Indosat is not just a friend, it is more than that! Indosat is a soulmate that understands very well what we need the most and cares what we have interests in.


    1. Bagus Mbak Lidya. Kitalah yang paham akan pilihan yang kita ambil. Salam untuk Pascal dan Alvin ya. Udah rampung UAS-nya Mbak? Semoga lancar dan memuaskan hasilnya. 😀


    1. Ah, Pak Dosen bisa aja. Postingan di blog Anda jauh lebih bagus, Pak. Betul, dalam rangka ikutan lomba Pak. Salam kreatif selalu 😀


  1. Mantabs gan, oh ya boss tolong pendaftaran di CAPek-Ma Berbagi dilengkapi cukup mencantumkan nama dan link seperti yang lain, Jazakallah.. Salam Berbagi…


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