Satisfaction: Satisfact-tea-on


THE DICTIONARY DEFINES satisfaction is the good feeling that we have when we have achieved something or when something that we wanted to happen does happen. Satisfaction may also mean something that gives us such feeling.

If Jen H. derives satisfaction from fresh office supplies, as demonstrated by a bouquet of colorful pencils she’s sharpened with a titanium sharpener , I too have a penchant for something very special. It is perhaps a known secret to some of BBC readers that I enjoy drinking coffee a lot. Yes, coffee is something I have affinity for.

While I prefer robusta bean, I basically enjoy all types of coffee, especially when it’s free of charge, ahaha. I was but very thrilled when a fellow blogger offered to send me a bag of coffee he brought from Jambi in the last Eid holiday. I couldn’t help sipping local coffee for sure.

To my surprise, the blogger also placed three packages of tea in the large package. The tea includes two different brands I know very well as they are quite popular throughout the country. My wife rejoiced at receiving the package since she is a tea aficionado.

I soon discovered there are 125 small boxes of tea altogether in the package. This is certainly too much for us to consume that we’ve decided to share it. It was a really exclusive Thursday when we got the package. We hurried to open a small packet of the tea and steep it as time to break our fast is approaching.

It is tubruk tea, by the way. It literally means ‘collision tea’ as the dried leaves are packed to brew instead of a teabag. We believe tubruk tea is more fragrant and powerful. Can you smell the scent filling up our room?

The package seems to affirm that I have always had the satisfact-tea-on of being a blogger. A sip of warm tea, other than coffee, can likely drive my mood on. How about you, fellas?



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