When The Pandemic Turns us into a Public Enemy

Like many people around the globe, I have never anticipated the coronavirus will be paralyzing the whole world. I know paralyze may a hard word and project a bleak outlook. However, it is imperative we create a powerful and maybe frightening atmosphere for people to be aware of this plague. The fact has confirmed that people here in this country have been negligent of health protocols recommended.

Not only have people neglected the recommendation but they also believe the pandemic is a work of manipulation in the scheme of conspiracy. People in both cities and rural areas tend to behave the opposite of what they are expected. Wearing mask and face shield is no longer abandoned but in some ways made into a word of joke. People wearing mask will likely be made fun of.

Worse still, my family has become a public enemy now since we have continually denied their request of hanging out in particular situations. My wife, in particular, has been bullied in a WA group due to her incessant rejection to join daily gathering here in the neighborhood. Yes, moms here literally hang out every single at least two times that make us reluctant to pass by for important needs.

While they do not observe the health protocols due to the current pandemic, they tend to insult what we do and believe as a mockery. I don’t know what else to say but simple prayer that God will either take us out of this calamity or erase the entire humanity owing to our blatant imbecility.

It’s God’s privilege to end our life anytime. While it is inevitable that we are mortal, we have at least done our best as expected, as clearly desired by Him in every text we read and believe as faithful persons.


  1. Haha ya ampun gara-gara gak mau ikutan ngumpul kena bully tetangga. Tapi di saat yang kayak gini emang tepat setel mode bodo amat sih ya. Yang penting proteksi keluarga dan tetap sehat. Semoga korona segera lenyap, amin.

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    1. Begitulah, Om. Kumpulnya juga ga penting, kecuali kalau rapat kek yang mendesak banget masih okelah dengan protokol. Lah ini kongko harian dan ga pake masker pula malah merundung yang ga ikutan. Aaamin, semoga wabah segera pergi ya.

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