Pseudo-multitude of Friends

It was said to Ali (may Allah be pleased with him),  “O Ali, you have seemed to be in company with truthful friends and so you keep plenty of them. How many are there actually?”

“I am going to count them up later when I’m stricken by misfortune.”

What Ali said is now confirmed. I have been strongly convinced of its eloquence since the very first time I read those words of his.

They represent exactly what I am feeling right now. I was expecting a friend who would come with aid when a terrible mishap befell me.

The fact was that the one I have considered a good friend had never paid me any visit. No help though they’ve discovered my calamity. Not even an offer of assistance except a late pathetic question about how I have been doing.

I was thinking the one I call friend has been playing fool of me by benefiting from whatever I can do for their own purpose and satisfaction.

It was opportunism on their part,  that’s what I have come to believe now. Totally agonizing but I am at least so relieved as to find out who my true friends are.

It’s kinda pseudo-multitude of friends. Huge number of companions but most are false–or should I call them fake?

Thanks, Ali. Your utterance remains valid. What you said is confirmed.


  1. may be it’sa a little bit out of topic. I still owe you one promise about reviewing jola joli. I’m so sorry. Anyway, A promise still is a promise. I will fulfill as soon as possible.
    Btw, are you being betrayed by some you you trust?
    Forgive me for my bad english


    1. Thanks a lot for your good memory, Mbak Santy. Please don’t worry about jolla-jolly; I am simply happy when you enjoyed it with your lovely family.

      I am currently disappointed, yes. But I’m okay though. By the way, you don’t have to pardon as your English is excellent. Thanks again for stopping by and leaving a comment here.


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