Maybe I stay awake to keep away from things I fear in my sleep. Maybe I’m doubtful about sleeping right away as I no longer want to miss the rain enfolding the dark. Or, I may be thrilled to enjoy silence and have nothing to share.

Maybe my mind is working hard to delve into what has long been a self-limiting belief. Something I’ve never imagined to exist in me. It is too painful to learn I’ve always been voiceless and resorting to complete submission while fussing over my own decision in a very private self talk.

Maybe I’m simply clueless when things occur without my consent. Should they be? The situation may be deteriorating into what is unknown to me.

I wish I would morph into a self-assertive person instead of one that aims at self-aggrandizement. I’m certain I do have a load of maybes until I know what may be not.

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