Weekly Photo Challenge: Wanderlust


IT’S NOT EVERYDAY we have the opportunity to take our sons to the rice fields. While we have now resided permanently in proximity to where my mom lives, it takes about a half hour drive to see her paddy field in the village.

When David prompted us to show a variety of photos displaying wanderlust, this is instantly what I have in mind. Only a week ago did we visit my mom and accompanied her to the field in search of ketam (rice field crab).

Now that she is growing winih (seedlings of rice), she has had to keep the pinihan (seedbed) secure from considerable menaces like kol (poisonous freshwater snail) and rats. My mom has always used mutilated ketam to contain rat poison and it has proven effective. To keep the kol away, we normally place a plastic (sometimes metal) sheets to fence the seedbed.

It was amazing to see the kids enchanted by nature’s beauty. The scent of young paddy and various creatures endemic to rice fields had kept them captivated. Unlike previous visit back in Bogor where my eldest son had to pay in order to get muddy, the last encounter with field was far more memorable.

They rejoiced in the company of their beloved grandmother. They both enjoyed the ambience as well as the rare experience. It was an affordable yet valuable traveling experience which let them discover the true meaning of understanding.


  1. isshhh, aku jd kepikiran, anakku juga belum prnh aku ajak liat padi … padahl di kampung nenek di sorkam, tapanuli, sawahnya masih ada… kapan2 kalo mudik ke sana, aku mau anakku nyebur ke sawah :D… biar kakinya pernah ngerasain minjak tanah persawahan :D.


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