Enjoy Travelblog.id Before Traveling Away

Travelling has undoubtedly been a tremendous hype for the last decade. It is now becoming even more popular as the digital era keeps a tight grip on modern people, millennials in particular. Not only does technology offer every ease when obtaining information on tourist destination nearly at their fingertips, but also makes it possible to travel at affordable rate owing to several competing online travel agencies that also depend on the advance of technology.

While every region across Indonesia has attracted tourists in their multitudes, Travelblog.id is really a name when it comes to traveling source of information. There are already plenty of traveling portals on the web but Travelblog.id has proven to stand out in the crowd.

why travelblog.id

What’s primarily striking is that the digital content provided on Travelblog.id is originally written by contributors which make the posts appear in genuinely unique style as well as authentic personal experience. This affirms the commitment of Travelblog.id to offer quality content targeted at traveler audience varying from 18 to 34 years old. The variety of point of view will take readers to a new level of enjoying traveling experience.  

Travelblog.id responds positively to the prevalence of traveling interest by inviting everyone to contribute on Travelblog.id. They are welcome to write a traveling post, upload interesting videos or simply display fabulous photos. The good news is any contributor is not required to own a personal blog in order to supply content. Instead, creating a user account on Travelblog.id would be adequate. A few clicks will take you to inspire readers in any form of your preference.

In addition to contributors, a team of editor also works on providing various categories one of which is lifestyle that turns out to be the most wanted. This category allows readers to find more resources other than traveling i.e. film, music, and events that will keep them in line with interest of relevant amusing topic. A range of attractive posts is expected to make Travelblog.id remain an informative media for loyal traveler readers.

It may be an impressive Vacation, or you may have savored the Culinary delights of an exotic place, or Art & Culture, Travelblog.id will provide you with valuable Tips & Info in which you will be pleased and sound.

More to the point, Travelblog.id is also committed to meeting the need of foreign readers for traveling resources in Indonesia. It presents a special page with articles written in English. Foreign tourists or expats no longer need to worry about where to go or where to visit all over Indonesia as Travelblog.id has what they seek.

Or do you enjoy writing traveling experience and are interested to be a contributor? Travelblog.id is a short cut to your personal quest. Other than deep satisfaction you get from posting an article, you will be entitled to a wealth of meaningful experience including the possibility of receiving wonderful gifts as you keep writing on Travelblog.id.

How to join

  1. Sign in on user.travelblog.id or sign up if you not a registered member yet.
  2. Go to dashboard and complete your profile.
  3. Click to create a new post to tell your experience when visiting a splendid place coupled with photos or images. Don’t bother to write either in Bahasa Indonesia or English.
  4. Once completed, save as a draft.
  5. Before submitting your article, make sure you have edited it.
  6. Hit send button if you think you have compiled the best post.
  7. Your submission will be pending and subject to editors’ approval.
  8. Selected articles will be published for the world to read.
  9. Your post is available on http://www.travelblog.id if written in Bahasa Indonesia and on https://www.travelblog.id/en/ for English posts.

More rewards

Once you are a contributor to Travelblog.id, you will have ample opportunity to share exclusive experience on traveling with everyone in the entire globe almost effortlessly. Imagine the endless possibility of meeting new people of different culture and country through your writing.

Of course, you can always add photos to support your articles and this will gradually make you a better photographer to take better shots of various object or places all over Indonesia. You can also attach the location of a tourist object accurately according to latitude and longitude that will be shown on the map along with your article.

Why not starting right away to share your remarkable travel on Travelblog.id? Rather than keeping your visit in private journal, posting it on Travelblog.id is an answer to personal contentment and rewarding experience. Make sure you enjoy Travelblog.id before traveling away!



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