What Transpired on September 14, 2022: A Brief Visit to Airlangga University

After the dawn prayer, I rushed home from the mosque to prepare my short trip to Surabaya last Wednesday. I took the first train that left at 06:10 in the morning. I was super excited to finally attend an offline event after two years’ absence due to severe attack of the coronavirus. Not only am I happy to enjoy the ambiance of the infamous Suroboyo Bus (SB), but also to celebrate the meeting up with several friends of fellow bloggers nearby.

I really looked forward to having the long-awaited kopdar as this is the first time for us to meet again owing to the hazardous virus that hit humanity around the globe. It was a privilege to visit one of Indonesia’s best universities. Though I had to take several buses to get there, it was certainly fun to join the occasion where public figures were also attending.

Plastic trash for bus tickets

As soon as arriving at the Pasarturi Station, I met two fellow bloggers, Fiona and Hanifah, who were also going to the same premises. They asked me if I would join them in a morning meal in the vicinity and I said no as I had had breakfast before leaving home earlier. I told them I needed to rush to Jembatan Merah bus stop to trade the plastic cup trash I’d brought with points for future SB tickets. This way I wouldn’t have to spend any money on tickets and use the point when traveling in the city for free. It’s a win-win solution, though: I can save money and help reduce pollution as well.

As I embarked on the bus, Fiona and Hanifah had decided to take a taxi to the campus where the seminar was to be held. I was actually hoping they would join me at the Simpang Dukuh bus stop from where we would depart to Airlangga University known publicly as Unair. So after obtaining ticket points in exchange of my plastic cup trash, I ordered Gojek to take me to the location. In fact, I had been expecting another SB for lower expenses, but I called off the plan due to rush hour.

I finally reached Unair and met several bloggers including Nurul, Wiwid, and TD. Since I found it challenging to get to the ninth floor using the elevator, I made up my mind to climb up the stairs from the 6th floor on foot. It was a total exhaust, yes! Chatting with fellow bloggers soon altered the situation, including the agonizing period of delay before the event finally commenced 1,5 hours later from the schedule.



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