Special Gifts for Special Women

December has always been special for everyone around the globe. Not only is it the month when people are geared up to take a holiday and welcome a new year’s eve, Mother’s Day also comes to their memory to celebrate a very special woman we have ever known. As for my personal life, December is exceptional since I normally recall my mind to a very special occasion back in 2008 when I was wedded. 

Lamongan sky is getting dimmer these days and rain has started to fall quite heavily. After a severe drought resulting in water scarcity, rain is certainly of great importance here in the city. While we expect December to be full of fruitful rain for growing crops in the fields, we won’t let this special month to pass without any significant remembrance.       

I would especially love to present something special to two women dearest to me. Both my wife and my mother have done many things I have found very rewarding. Something I am not certain I can repay even with my fullest generosity. The following are what I have in mind to offer to them during the special occasion.

A poem and a letter

While I don’t think I am a man of poetic flair, I do like poetry a lot. In fact, I have loved it since high school and finally published a poem book of my own. A poem may seem to be worthless today as modern people have tended to express love in terms of technological advance. When it comes to gifts, they may prefer gadgets to something more intangible like poems and written materials.

I personally think poems are still relevant right now and remain a precious gift as they contain more emotions and sincerity that material presents may be difficult to carry. Alternatively, a love letter is also a good idea to express our love to our beloved women. Words still work they are expected to. Feelings and affection can be immortalized in a poem or a love letter.

A book

My wife and I both like reading books and enjoy collecting them. We have a quite selection on our bookshelf. My mom may not be a person I should call a bookworm, but I am convinced she will not turn down a book to read when I present one. My wife has long been yearning for a book by Rumi and I think December is the right moment for her to get it for free. Similarly, mother will take pleasure in reading any books on biography. A book will continue to do its magic.     

A ring

I believe it is no exaggeration to say that my wife has a heart of gold. She therefore deserves something glittering. I know all that glitters is not gold, but I am fully aware my wife’s outstanding kindness has outshone her flaws. A gold ring will be a tremendous gift for her as it will last long even when its physical appearance has eroded.         

A memory

An expression of love can also be materialized in something more concrete and even edible. By edible I mean perfectly good to be eaten in its basic meaning. I don’t claim that words can be overpowered and vice versa. More to the point, I think it is ideal to present something more complete including written text and physical object.  

Celebrating a special moment like Mother’s Day and New Year’s Eve will require us to gather in order to gain the sense of completeness. When many people such as family members take part in those festivities, it is imperative we provide refreshments that everyone will have cause to rejoice. Danisa butter cookies are but perfect munchies when family is meeting up.

From Danisa butter cookies website I know that Danisa offers a finest collection of luscious butter cookies, made from the finest quality ingredients using an authentic Danish recipe on the basis of passion and love. The renowned butter cookies are formulated based on the traditional treats enjoyed by the European nobility. The authentic Danish recipe has been passed down through generations through the superb craftsmanship of master bakers.

Its consistency in producing delicious butter cookies should inspire everyone to embrace loyalty and reliability. Danisa butter cookies have continued to be one of the most-sought-after treat in the world. We can always find a reason to entertain ourselves that ups and downs in life offer opportunity to share joy with others.

We may be happy when making a success, but be affirmed that extending our sincere gratitude to people we owe invites more happiness. It is what we have when spending a pleasant occasion in the company of our beloved. It will become a living memory we cherish the whole life of ours.

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