What Does It Mean to Be 40?

I have been overwhelmed by a recurring question lately. “What does it mean to be 40?” or Another version might sound, “What does being 40 mean to me?”

Some people say 40 equals maturity, that someone should weigh life with reason and emotion equally. It is the moment of inevitably complete responsibility.

Some say 40 is the age of success, that life should no longer be a pursuit of material possession but mere fulfillment of spiritual progression. It is the period where achievement is defined by integrity.

So what does being 40 mean to me? Or simply put, what kind of success have I gained to make me who I am today?

  • For.ty means the urge for ty-ping more accurately and productively until recollections invigorate actions.
  • For.ty means the drive for ty-pecasting kindness more and more that I’ve considered to have done none.
  • For.ty means the courage for t(r)ying and trying again that every opportunity manifests in order to walk with destiny.

Many say that life begins at 40, but be assured that life begins at any age you want it to be. In other words, life is possible to take place when we are ready to amass power and employ ability.

As for success, it is important to note what Michelle Obama once saying, “Success isn’t about how your life looks to others. It’s about how it feels to you.” She also adds that:

While I am keen on highlighting attitude over aptitude, being forty, quoting a friend’s poem, is finally:

“… the quietest passage of the butterfly.”

That 40 should the age of hope and opportunity when no time is spent on remorse but to seek knowledge and personal contentment of our own.


  1. Well, to be honest aku kageett bgt masuk usia 40, karena ternyata jiwa raga pd protesss 🙂 mungkin di masa muda, aku banyak mengabaikan ‘alarm tubuh’ dan baru kerasa di usia kepala 4 enih 🙂


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