5 Things I Learned from Corona

I have never guessed the epidemic outbreak of Corona will cause a real mess that occurs throughout the world. The global pandemic is no longer a question of disease or immunity but a far more substantial issue. While it is already a matter of international concern right now, I have tended to be interested in delving into what’s going on here in my country alone.

Despite the fact that Corona is said to be similar with flu, the pandemic has seemed to result in a devastating upshot around the world. There are thousands of casualties in total due to this terribly unforeseen outbreak on a global scale. I’m certainly expecting no more fatal accidents while also hoping the disease to stop as Ramadan is approaching.

These are what I have learned from Corona as soon as it hit humanity. By ‘learn’ I mean the acquisition of something important I need to bear in mind. I conclude them myself with determination to smoke them in my pipe.    

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1 | Human are but petty

It is no secret that we are indeed weak, fragile, and powerless even compared to a microscopic creature known as coronavirus. It is true the virus is God’s creation and this even confirms our inferiority in terms of authority and competence. What adeptness can we rely on to tackle the current disease? In addition to a healthy lifestyle, all we can do right now is nothing but a compete submission to God, isn’t it?    

2 | Fearing death

None of us is immortal though some may desire a life of eternity. The hazardous coronavirus has sent a serious message that we all fear death. We are never ready to depart this life in view of the delight we have experienced so far. More to the point, we have been overwhelmed by fear of fatality as we haven’t got enough to take to the afterlife.

3 | Selfish

Three people contacted me via WhatsApp a few weeks ago. Two are from Jogjakarta and the other from Korea. All of them have been an object of fraud when purchasing the increasingly rare mask for protection against coronavirus. They asked me to help as the deceitful seller had used my package to assure as successful delivery. The package actually contained a large book instead of masks the seller claimed I had ordered. It was a novel I got from a writing contest back in 2011.

I instantly told the three it was obviously a scam and suggested they report to the local police. I have no idea how their case finally ended. What surprised me, though, is the fact that some people are easily seduced into evil acts including a sale fraud and stockpiling of important commodities simply for self-aggrandizement to feed their egotism.

4 | Willing to sacrifice

I once read that the virtue of one’s excellence is not based on his wealth nor his physical look. Instead, people of dignity are likely willing to sacrifice for other people both during ease and difficulty. It is perhaps true that one’s real failure is when he refuses to do something useful while he can do it. During the severe outbreak of coronavirus, I have discovered how many people continue to be passionate about helping others during this calamity.

Let’s make a donation.

Doctors and health workers alike are fighting on the front line to prevent people from coronavirus. They stand upright and keep being vigorous to defend humanity. Is it any difficult for us to stay at home so they can deal with the disease while putting their own life in jeopardy? Not only are they prone to having the deadly virus in order to help us out here, some cases indicate they have been driven out by community for fear of having similar disease. What an irony!

5 | FOMO maniacs

WhatsApp groups are by far probably the most popular social media we ever know. It allows us to exchange written messages or images and video almost effortlessly. The fact that everyone has an easy access to WhatsApp and various groups, hundred thousands of chats may be flooding the platform every minute around the globe.

What’s terrifying is that most members of a WhatsApp group, to the degree that I know, do not seem to have troubled themselves to read carefully what they share in the groups they are in. Oftentimes the messages or videos they distribute look very credible and even evocative that they have no choice but to share it immediately.

It is not always because they find the messages insightful and reliable but simply due to the urge to participate in sharing the news in the group faster than other members. They don’t want people to think they are not well-informed whereas everything is very easy to get right now just by a few clicks. This is ironic somehow as technological advance doesn’t drive them to be more critical by double-checking any circulating news. Why should fearing of missing out be more important than the actual essence of the news?


  1. great konten. but, ada cara tulisan kita yang berbahasa asing bisa langsung ditranslate untuk dibaca gak ya?


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